I want to paint my room in Polka dots. White on black perhaps. But really I don’t. It’s a fun thought, but the overall affect would be too dark, don’t you think?Also, I like polka dots but perhaps not for my room.

When I was younger, I wanted my room to be themed.  I wanted scenes of jungle animals on my walls With elaborate foliage in the background. I wanted grass green shag carpeting and fake vines on my ceiling.

I wanted bubbles and all the fish in the ocean. I wanted walls  the deap blue of the sea with a dark green carpet of seaweed. I wanted fish that  hung from the ceiling, swaying and undulating in the pretend waves. I wanted to be in those places I could never reasonably live. I had pinks and  peaches and frosted orchards instead. I do like light colors (if they are not pink) but I’d rather something dark and cozy.

Hmm, so something dark, but not too dark as to appear depressing. Blue has always been a favorite color of mine. It is deep and calming and puts me in mind of the ocean or the sky in the evening. That would be a darkish blue for those of you imagining something else. I said dark colors, yes? Stay with me here.

But we must be careful; dark blues tend to look black in certain lights or at night.

so what you’re saying is that you would like a color that is dark but doesn’t look dark?
Yes, yes that’s what I am saying. It should be something that glows.
might i suggest glow in the dark?
Alright mock me. What I mean is that I want a color that glows when the moonlight hits it. Something that won’t glair like a mirror room. Dark blue as I have said might look black, but light blue would light up like day, surely. Hmm, green?

black boards are green you know.
No, not something that dark of course. I should think I made that clear. I’m thinking lighter than hunter green, but not as vibrant as cartoon grass. Perhaps something muted? maybe moss green. No, I am now thinking a lovely dark wood, with forest green furnishings.

Yes, that is it. I like that. Hmm, something will of course need to be light-colored, just to offset the darker colors, but I think this … will do just nicely.

Perhaps my bathroom will be polka dots, just to mess with people. I like the sound of white on dark blue. Yes, that makes me smile.