People often forget me.
Oh, I don’t mean Woe is me, no one cares about me. I know people care about me , but sometimes I am forgotten.
For instance, I might replace a roll of paper towels or spontaneously wash all the dishes in the sink and everyone will go around asking each other who could have possibly done that. Somehow I am the last person to occur to them. I couldn’t tell you why. it just is. Another example?
People always say I am such a social butterfly, but where am I during large gatherings? Oh I am usually there, not in a corner exactly, but right on the edges. This is of course my own doing to some extent and just exactly where I like to be. I do not like crouds, and large social gatherings are sometimes overwelming. I can join in conversations, and if I feel I have something to contribute, I will. But I am uncomfortable being in the spotlight.
It isn’t so hard with my friends, but even then I like to think no one’s attention is wholely on me. So That is where you will find me at most parties, curled up on a couch or in a chair,close enough so as not to be considered antisocial, just listening.
And people leave me be. They carry on with conversations and snacks and games and yes, every so often someone will engage me. They never truely forget me, but sometimes … they do.