In which the origins of my lute are revealed.

I play the piano. I learned way back whenfrom probably my mother and have had various teachers, but never any regular lessons. I am not amazing, but I can play enough to be entertaining, and a lot of what I learn I do so because someone has specifically requested it or likes to sing it.
But alas the piano is not a portable instrument and I wanted to take up something that I could carry around with me.
The problem with wind instruments is that they take more lung power than I have and I did not want to spend however long it takes to build that up. there’s also the embouchure … and well, wind just wasn’t for me.
Yes strings! There’s something I could take up easily and be playing in no time. I could even sing along. Now what stringed instrument to play?
I think too many people play the guitar. Probably too many people play the piano too, but somehow I can except that. I could play banjo, but that was not the sound I was looking fore. And violins? They are said to be easy to play. Easy to play perhaps, but not easy to play well. I was guessing the same was true for the viola and cello as well, though I love the sound of the cello.
So, too many people play the guitar and I wanted to play something different.

Enter the Lute

I believe what happened is that my mother and my aunt conspired to find one for me on the internet, but I sort of got confused with their answer when I asked. The end result is that I now have a lute that I love!

(a note here, the instrument I play is not actually a lute, but I would love to own and play one someday. Plus, how awesome would that be? So for the purposes of this blog , and because it is quicker to type, he will be known as my trusty lute. Don’t worry he is still not a guitar, hee hee).

For awhile my lute merely sat in his case, only to be taken out once every so often and looked over, but there was no playing. Because of course, I didn’t have a clue how to play a lute.
Finally I asked my mother to look up how to tune the strings and the rest as they say, is history. I learned a few songs–remember I play piano, I know how to construct a chord–and I was good to go. I traveled the world

My college and played for anyone who would listen. Since learning songs with my trusty lute was so easy–I am not bragging here, It truly is–I learned more and more songs in no time. It got to the point that people would ask me when the next time I would bring my lute around was, if ever I happened to be with out him. The lute and I are a happy, dance inspiring pare of travelers and we love to perform for people.
Some of our favorites include sea shanties, songs from the 1920s and 30s, and songs about bananas.
There are more than you might think of that last one, just ask anyone I’ve played them for, hee hee.
Currently the trusty lute and I are working on songs for the summer, but I am always looking for suggestions please?