Do you find yourself yelling at your spouse, your children, your coworkers for seemingly no reason at all?
Do you feel the need to cruelly mock others?
Tired of your friends giving you stares for laughing at funerals?
Can’t shake those feelings for that boy/girl who just doesn’t like you back?
If this sounds like you, read on!

For years people have had to dish out thousands of dollars to go through therapy and try to resolve such feelings. But not any longer!

The Home for Unwanted and Unnecessary Feelings!

Here, we take those feelings you don’t want, can’t handle, or that just have no place to be expressed. There are no fees and no surprise clauses. We are a nonprofet organization, aiming to help rehabilitate sociopaths across the country. Your donations are tax deductable, and will help greatly improve the lives and relationships of others.
So please, come make a donation. Send us your feelings!