My friend Georgy is adorable. She really is!
So today it was something like 90 degrees out and after a long day at work, Georgy decides she’s going to take a nice bubble bath. Only she’s never taken a bath before.
She, like I, prefers showers. I however know what it is to enjoy a nice soothing bubble bath.
So of course Georgy asks a flurry of questions, “… Should I shower first? How long is it going to take? Should I drain the water from the shower before I run the bath water? Why would anybody waste so much time doing that? …” You get the idea.
Then she decides that She’ll shower first and if it’s not too late she’ll try this bath business.
Meanwhile, I lay in bed, my headphones half on, listening with one ear to my audio book, and with the other listening for a change in the sound of the water. After a space of time long enough to properly make oneself clean, the sound of the water changes to that of a running bath.
Then the water stopped, and this is what I heard,
“So I just sit here?”
Is Georgy not adorable?

Here’s something I don’t entirely understand; we buy milk, we use milk, but now one of us can’t drink milk. Ok so now the logical thing to do? Buy one of those alternet forms of milk–like the kind that doesn’t come from moo cows. Well, then there was almond milk. — Can you really milk an almond? I mean I’ve never seen a soy cow either, but almonds? —
Anyway though. We now have almond milk and it turns out that almond milk last longer
Did We not just go over the non-real milk factor?
So now we’re buying exclusively almond milk. I hear you, Yay! milk you can all drink and milk that doesn’t spoil as fast. What’s the problem?
Oh yeah, hey guess what? I am allergic to nuts. Yup, all of them. If this to you means peanuts, then you haven’t heard that apparently peanuts are legumes and related to beans. Don’t ask, Just know that if you love PB&J, you are in no danger of killing me.
Guess I will have to start buying my own milk. Fortunately for me though, most of what I eat/cook does not require milk. yay!