You know those people who love to talk? have the kind of energy God probably only intended for Chihuahuas? won’t let an issue go until they’ve talked it to death and beyond? talks too fast? doesn’t ever seem to take things seriously? flips out easily but would just as easily forgive you? who would stick up for you with out a second thought? who is just crazy and fun to be around? That’s my friend Vivvy, … and then some.
The otherday was her birthday and I got to help her with her party! We were going to hang out at the beach Thursday, but it rained.
What Vivvy had to say about this?
“That’s no fair, I wanted to go to the beach! … hey it stopped raining; but I want to build sand castles in the rain.”
And Friday was her party, And this was Vivvy through out the day. enjoy …
“Lyrikh can I hit you in the head with this ball?”
me, “No.”
“Why not? … It’s soft … see it doesn’t hurt. I’m hitting my head and it doesn’t hurt.”
me, “no.” …
later that day …
“Can I hit you in the head with these marshmallows? … Why not? Marsh mallows are soft. You’re no fun.”
me,”Fine, you can hit me in the arm then. … Feel better now?”
“Little bit.”
“I’m not conceded; I’m narcissistic. I don’t think I’m great, but I like to hear people talk about me.” … “See, I like saying random stuff to you and awkward stuff to Polly. Polly’s my awkward friend and you’re my friend I like to randomize.” … “I hate when you have comebacks, I don’t know how to respond.” … “Ok, so I have road rage, computer rage, I just have a lot of rage … DON’T YOU CUT ME OFF OR ELSE I’LL FOLLOW YOU HOME AND MAKE YOU THINK I’M SOME CRAZY STALKER!” … “No wait, I’m listening now. Are you gonna tell me the rest of the story?”
me, “No, it just took me forever to explain and you weren’t even listening.”
“no, now you’re being like me; I don’t like it.” … “I found my gay husband that I’m going to mary, did I tell you? Only he doesn’t know it yet.” … “Remember that time I walked you in to that cart?”
me, “That time ten minutes ago?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot.” … “Should I order the pizza at 5?”
me, “What time’s the party again?”
“Now I have to buy everyone chips and soda too?” … “you’re too quiet, are you depressed?” … “Stop making that chicken noise.”
Me, “My phone? Vivvy that’s a dolphin.”
“It sounds like a chicken.” …
A year is really too long to be separated from some friends.