Guess what?
I finally got my hands on another Agiant Pendergast novel.
It’s the second one in the series and after this I will have read all but the newest one.
I know, I know … reading out of order, but we’ve been over this. I’ve actually been quite reluctant to read the first two books for reasons which have nothing to do with the series itself.
As I think I’ve mentioned, I listen to all my books on audio and have a great deal to say about readers, but that rant is for another day.
My first Agiant Pendergast book was actually the fifth book in the series, but I didn’t know that at the time. I was merely deprived of reading matterial and had run out of authors I knew
So I fell in love, not only with the book, and Pendergast himself, but with the reader as well.

He is this guy. Is that not an awesome name?
At first I was suspicious, but as I listened, I realized There could be no other reader for me. Midway through the book the characters were fixed in my mind with his voice, and it was all over for me.
Now most of the time this is not a problem. Most companys will keep the same reader for a series. But do you know how expensive audio books are to buy? So I get most of my books from the library, and for reasons unfathomable to a rashonal mind such as mine, they get their audio books from various companys even when the books are in the same series. … It kills me! It really does. I have definitely refused to read a book if the reader is a different one than the one I like unless I can’t find another copy. I don’t know if Mr. auberjonois has actually read for the entire series somewhere, but I could not find any copies of his reading for the first two. I’ve heard the guy who read the first book read before, and he’s not bad, but he just wasn’t for this series. Actually he was my least favorite of the three readers I had to suffer through just to finish the series.
The second guy was ok, but No one can top Rene. There is just a certain way the writers describe Pendergast’s voice and mannerisms that only he gets right.
Here’s a clip of him reading Book 8 in the series.
The reader who is reading the book I have now is actually another one of my favorites. He is still not as good as Rene, but he is still much better than the other two.
So I am happy with that at least. The newest book hasn’t come out on tape yet as far as I know, so it may be awhile before I get to enjoy agiant Pendergast’s adventures again. Or maybe I’ll just reread a few of the other books. Because I’m like that.
Remember this guy?

Weekend adventures to come soon!