Some people will freely admit this to me, but others will deny it. You’re not strange Lyrikh, just unique.
recognize this code?
So here’s a list of a few things I love that may not be quite the usual.

the smell of cardboard
that new-stuff store smell
being inside on a cold day and getting a hug from a person fresh from outside
the smell of the freezer–not to be confused with the smell of the food inside the freezer
waiting in the car on one of those cold damp nights where the snow is slushy
the feel of ice when it sticks to my fingers
music and treats that are obscure and dificult to find
cleaning tables and countertops to make them feel smooth and glossy
rading my own fridge to sneak cold leftovers one peace at a time

Ok maybe not everything there is strange, but if you connect with more than half the things there, you might be a little strange. But hey I like strange. We could be friends. hee hee