… Yeah, This is the story of how that happened, or
How I Spent My Weekend.
So thursday I had an early Physical Therapy appointment — Oh, did I tell you I am in PT? Shame on me!
So PT appointment and then after that I was supposed to meet with someone.
oo la la?
No no not like that. So I met with her, and we chatted about life. This is not important, but it was part of my day.
Meanwhile Georgy and Heather were out working and such So I had not seen them all day. Do you remember my friend Vivvy?
She had invited me to her birthday pizza party, but I told her that I didn’t have a ride so I couldn’t come.
So we boohooed over that for awhile, and then I half jokingly suggested she come get me. And then during my meeting with the nice lady, Vivvy texted me asking if she was really picking me up that day.
Hey well sure why not. That meeting was really the only other thing I had to do that day. So off I went to her house for the weekend.
)Enter Georgy and Heather).
Yeah Yeah, there’s time to text them later, if nothing else, then to ask if one of them could shut my computer off. Hee hee oops, sorry Finn darling.
And then my phone died. I should also mention here that I had an on-going text conversation with another friend at the time and my mother had just told me to call her when I got home. Double oops?
I told you about the sand castles already right? How we went out to the beach and built them? There really wasn’t enough rain to make the sand stick together, but there was pretty lightning! Never fear, I have already been informed by my PT that that was not safe. Tee hee.
Friday we went out and bought stuff for the party and planned out games. Her only thought was decorations and pizza, so I’m glad I was there to help. Otherwise we would’ve had cold pizza and no chips. I swear we ran out to the store at least five times that day.
And then at the party … Joy of joys! Someone had a phone charger that fit my phone! … And I got this;
And then Vivvy got on facebook and told everyone she hadn’t seen me. naughty that one is.
Then I came home Saturday … and left again!
Ok, it was a farmer’s market and I really wasn’t gone very long, but I had been in and out of the house with no one the wiser.
Seriously though, I don’t know why everyone needs to contact me when I am unreachable. I am always reachable! Why must they pick those few times I am not to care?
Moral of the story, children? If you’re going to disappear for more than a day with out telling anyone, make sure your phone is charged!