There is a boy in my house.
He is not mine, I don’t have one. He is also not important to me, so he will not get to be named. But he is in my house and preventing me from getting food.
This morning when I got up I didn’t see the need to change out of my pjs and so now, here I am clad in only summer pajamas not appropriate for mixed company and I want food! It’s kinda my fault and I meant to get food after everyone left, but they came back too soon and forced me to retreat to my room.
These are Georgy and Heather’s friends, not mine. I do not object to them, but I have nothing to contribute to that croud. And now it is late enough that it makes no sense just to change to get food. I estimate that from previous experience, I’ve got about an hour before the boy leaves.
Another thing is that this apartment is small and gets crouded when friends come over so I usually retreat.
antisocial much?
Shut up no I am not!
so … that is my plite. I am closed away and waiting till the boy leaves so I can eat. It’ll be a late meal, but I’m too hungry to not eat.

UPDATE: It appears my hand has been forced by the arrival of groceries. So since I had to get dressed to bring those inside, I figured I may as well make food too.