You know Lyrikh, she says to herself you really should take better care of yourself.
But I do take care of myself. I feed myself most days, I sleep at least three hours sometime between midnight and dawn. I shower, I wear clothes, and I don’t smoke or do drugs.
Not enough. What about your hair?
Oh that. Yes well …
Yeah, you should fix that.
But but …
No buts, your hair is a mess, and not a hot one and you know it. I think if we can work on fixing your hair, then you’d be golden.
And just how do you propose I do that? You know practically nothing works on my hair.
Hmm, you have a point there. And that last hair cut didn’t help matters much did it.
No, it made everything worse.
Ok, well we’ll work on your hair. But seriously kid, take better care of yourself. at least comb it more often than you do.
And wear nicer shoes.
Be nice, my sandles are old and falling apart. Do you wanna chip in and get me a new pair that I’ll actually like?
Oh look at the time. I’ve got to go … go … do something else.
Yeah that’s what I thought. And now … I think I’ll shower and go find food.