Once there was a girl who lived with her two friends. As she had just moved in with these friends and had previously been living at home, she did not yet have a bed of her own. She did however, have a mattress pad.
Yes that’s right. A thin mattress pad that barely disguised the floor beneath it.
So that was how she slept for months and months. bruising her hips, for she was a small girl, and growing more and more tired from the constant tossing and turning. Then one day there came a lonsale, and at this lonsale were two complete beds.
The girl hoped she might purchase one of the beds at the days end as the proprietress had promised. So they came and they went looking and buying, and the beds remained. The girl thought she might soon have a bed. Yes, perhaps her nights of tossing and turning were over.
Then there came a big van. A big van with three men. A big van with three men and furnature. They took … the couches. Then they left.
And then … they came back … and took the beds … both of them.

The girl? Yes she was devistated. But she had grown used to the idea of not having a bed on which to sleep, so she merely sighed and waited for the rest of the lonsail to be over.
And then … a voice from beside.
“I have a mattress!”
“really?” exclaimed the girl.
“Yes.” said the voice of the nice woman from church who was helping out with the lonsale.
And it came to pass that on the week following, there came two persons baring a mattress and a boxspring. And so it was that the girl now had a bed.