I want to right a story.
Sometimes for me it is hard to get started on a new piece. When I get an idea, I get all excited about it and can’t wait to start writing it. But sometimes I have a problem with beginnings.
Of course this all depends on where I get my ideas from. Sometimes I get a general idea like for a plot line. Sometimes I get a scene and try to build my story around that. Sometimes I even get just the first sentence. Weird huh? Mostly, I get characters that need to be put somewhere.
Characters are probably my favorite part of a story, as I believe I’ve mentioned
before. This time I’ve actually got a few characters, a setting, and part of a plot.
Now back to how to get started. Drawing the reader in as soon as possible is pretty key, so I always have to think of where in the characters’ adventure/lives I want the narative to come in, and what mood I want to set.
Sometimes it’s easy, but mostly it takes me a little while. If I’ve got a good idea of where the story is going and how it’s getting there, I have no problems with it. We shall see. I’m sure I’ll post it here in the woods for you when I am done.

So the other day I finally got milk and have been trying to think of ways to use it all before it goes bad. I don’t much like drinking milk straight, and we neither have cereal that I like or any oreos that I can use. Yesterday I made cupcakes. They only took about a cup, but it’s something right?
Somehow in all my cake making adventure, I managed to get flour everywhere. I mean everywhere! I cleaned it up of course, but it gave me ideas.
So now, I want to write something about snowstorms. Let’s just hope I don’t cause any.
hee hee