First let me say that I have nothing against diets as a whole. Personally I don’t think I have the disaplin for one, but for those of you who have actually found a healthy diet –as in you are still eating food– that actually works for you, then I applaud you. But there are just some things that in my mind have certain associations and just shouldn’t be messed with.
First up, grass.
Who? Eats? Grass?
I mean come on really. Please do not tell me that we are meant to be eating grass. Dogs aren’t even meant to be eating grass unless their sick. Sheep and cows have to spit it up just to digest it properly.
I don’t care how much you love and want to get back in touch with nature, eating grass is just not the way to do it. Oh, and please please please, do not make a juice out of it and call it good for people! There are plenty of things like fruits and vegies that are healthy and natural that people can and should be eating.
Oats? Oats people? Who decided we should start eating like farm animals? I’d like to be healthy as a horse, but I don’t want to eat like one. Please tell me there isn’t a diet where you eat hay?
And on the matter of horses, is the reason their so famously healthy because they get shot when their not? Do we still do that?
But back to oats. Heather made cookies the other day and put oats in them. What, are these cookies for the horses you didn’t tell me we’ve been keeping in the back yard? Did you want to tempt me with perfectly good smelling cookies only to tell me they were really horse food?
But ok children, if you want to grow up big and strong enough to pull chariots, then eat your oatmeal!