I just read something on ways to get featured on Freshly Pressed. Some of it was common sense, common sense is apparently no longer commen, and sense is probably just too ambiguous anyway. I don’t plan to go over what all they said so don’t get excited–not to mention that would be plagerism–but one of the suggestions was pictures.
Well woops, guess that means no Freshly Pressed for me. I’m just not a picture type of gal. For certain things and special ocasions I may post a pic or two, but if you’ve been here before and keep coming back, you clearly don’t mind the lack of graphical decoration.
Do you know what I did the other day? I made a dragon! I won’t bore you with the whole process, but it involved lots of splicing and DNA mixing and a crocodile egg.
Actually I made it out of craft wire! It’s about as thick as a strand of ramen and very easy to bend. It’s all silver and when I finished him I threaded ridgy silver beads on to his back.
When I find someone with a camera, I will post pictures. The dragon is three dimencional so not easy to explain in words.
Then maybe I’ll get on Freshly Pressed after all! And I’ll get all kinds of trafic and I’ll be on my way to internet popularity! Just promise me that all of you will still be my readers when this happens?

P.S. a video for you.