Now you don’t need weeks and weeks of practice with your stringged instrument of choice to form impressive calluses. I can show you an easier way.
I discovered this method last week, while I was going about my daily life in fact, and decided I just had to share it. Just follow these simple steps and those steel strings on your guitar will feel like nothing at all under your calluses.

Things You’ll Need:

  • sharp object such as a knife or pare of scizzors
  • bandades
  • a pan
  • a sandwich


  1. start with a finger such as the pinky or middle finger, as you don’t use these as much
  2. With your sharp object, make a small cut on your chosen finger; not deep enough to bleed, but just enough to open the skin a little. (This step is crusial)
  3. Wrap one of the bandades around the injured finger. Be sure that it is just a little tight.
  4. Place your pan on the stove and turn on the burner. If you like, put your sandwich in the pot until it is toasty goodness.
  5. Place the very tip of your bandaged finger onto the surface of the pan. Do not leave it there for an extended period of time as this could cause severe burns. A mere second is all it takes.
  6. This will initially cause some discomfort, but you must not run to the hospital, or apply any type of cream.
  7. Now eat your sandwich and feel better. See there?
  8. After a day or two,remove the bandade and voila! a beautiful callus.
  9. And repete with all fingers you wish to be callused.

What? Why do you all look worried? This method has been tested you know. Oh fine then, spend weeks of guitar practice building up calluses. See if I care!