Cats, dogs and Children are like heffalumps and woozles.
If you’ve ever had to watch, live with, or have owned any, you know what I mean. It only takes two of any combination to make one think they have significantly multiplied, whenever they are in a state of high excitement. You’d probably think this is more true of dogs and children, but Oh no. Cats are just as multiplicitous.
Have you ever noticed how cats are impervious to space and time and can slip in and out of almost anywhere? This seems to be in line with when and where the resident human or food getter wants or does not want them.
Like when you are ready to just collapse in to your nice bed after a long day and there’s a cat on your pillow; or when you are in the middle of an online exchange or writing a paper/other important document and suddenly a cat with strategic paws slinks across your keyboard; or my personal fave, when you are sitting doing anything, anything at all with your hands, and there is suddenly a cat in your lap–I am here, you may pet me now. This happens a lot when I am crafting.
This is probably how they manage to multiply as well. There are two here and most nights when they are climbing over my bed I could swear we have at least five. A magician could learn a thing or two from a cat. Or perhaps this is why they are often pictured as familiars.
This morning our big panther had the honored title of alarm cat when he climbed in to my bed and nuzzled his head in to my arm, meowing all the way. I still have no clue what he wanted, since he had been fed already and he showed no interest in the window. He left as soon as I was definitely awake. Sighs.
And the other one … She very much likes to sit on my keyboard and cause havic with whatever screen I’ve got up at the time. She is very generous though, and will happily lay over any part of my person that happens to be exposed to the sun.
Then of course if ever you should want your cats for any kind of nonfood related activity, they are nowhere to be found. Nowhere! I’ve always suspected that cats knew the secret to Narnia.
So there you have it,cats truly are the masters of allusion … the original heffalumps and woozles.