So it appears I have been left out of the festivities yet again.
We have an amazing frozen yogurt place by us that Heather found not too long ago. We went there once already and loved it!. It’s self serve and at a pretty good price too.
Heather and georgy are going again tonight. I was not invited along. I know I probably could’ve asked to come along, but if they don’t even think to invite me in the first place, I’m not gonna go begging for them to drag me along. It’s not a huge problem really. I don’t have to go everywhere with them, nor would I want to. But for this … a celebration of sorts for Heather … I should’ve thought that was maybe something for everyone. So now I’m wondering if they really just didn’t consider me, or if they actually didn’t want me along.
I am a bit paranoied like that when it comes to friends. Spend enough of your childhood being the annoying kid and you’d understand. Sometimes I think I just make too much of things. And I am not so bad that I will assume that everything is against me, but being left out is definitely one of those things I tend to overanalyse.
I know people say I could always ask, but it has to mean something if they’d never even consider asking me, especially when I am in plain sight, or if I have asked where they were going. Or does it?
Does it have to mean anything? Maybe they think I don’t want to go. Maybe they think I’m antisocial, or maybe they figured I didn’t have money for frozen yogurt. Silly ass-uming them.
I actually don’t mind it when they go out with their other friends and don’t invite me along. those aren’t really my croud. But this seemed like a roomy thing. It would’ve been nice to at least have them ask.
But here I am picking scabs for you while all this time they probably had no unfriendly motive in not inviting me. They’ll probably come home and tell me all about it. Then they’ll probably tell me I should’ve come.
This is not the only time this has happened.