1. Remember my finger? That whole burning it while making myself a sandwich? Yeah I think it’s getting better. I can almost feel things again!
2. Also my computer got fixed last friday. Now I have to get used to using it properly instead of manipulating it so it works the way I want it to. Ah my darling Finn, I am happy to have you back to rights.
3. I took my knee out for a walk to see how it felt. Well the good news is that I didn’t break or kill it. However it still hurt a good deal after a few minutes.
Well, at least now I have something to tell the PT.
4. I destroied another pair of earphones awhile ago. I actually don’t do anything more to my earphones than use them to listen to books and music, but apparently earphones aren’t made for regular use. shame
5. still feeling a little subhuman at times and I miss my friends.

And on the milk front, I am 2 glasses, 3tbsps, 1 cup, and 2 1/4 cups in, and I think we’re still good. weeuu