I am now the proud victim of a cheese grating incident.
gees kid, really?
Um, yeah you read that right. I sliced my finger–accidently of course– while making potato slices. But this wasn’t just any finger, it was my right thumb. My poor strumming thumb!
Yeah, you know the one I use to strum my trusty lute? That’s the one.
So, I’ll spare you the really gross stuff and just say it didn’t bleed at all. Now I’ve got it bandaged though, and it should be good as new in a matter of days. Perhaps you are thinking this means no lute playing from me for awhile? Ha! you are wrong! I will strum no matter what. I even wrote a song.

I’ll sing of a thumb,
and how it did strum,
and the songs that it plaied you could hum.

This thumb and its hand,
they were quite a band,
and music was heard through the land.

And it was a shame,
but who was to blame,
for how this poor thumb got so mamed.

The thumb got a slice,
it required some ice,
for oh how this cut was not nice.

The thumb couldn’t feel,
they wrapped it to heal,
how could this misfortune be real?

The damage was clear,
The thumb bled a tear,
and no more mu-sic could you hear.

And for those of you eager to sing along to my misfortune, or play it, Here are the chords:
C G7 G7 C Dm G7 C
C G7 G7 C Dm G7 C
A F G7 A Dm G7 C
And repete.
By the way, those potato chips … amazazazaaaazing!