Yummy grilled pepperoni pizza sandwich … check,
Cornflakes melted in to balls with butter and marshmallows and covered in peanut butter … check,
scraping marshmallowy goodness off the pan … check.

If you’ve been paying attention, this probably sounds like a disaster in the making. If you’re new around these parts, go
and or
to see what I’m talking about.

However, I am happy to report that I successfully grated cheese, cooked my sandwich,stirred hot butter and marshmallows and poored the whole steaming buttery marshmallowy Cornflake mess in to a cookie sheet all with out injury. Aren’t you so proud?
But as to the true matter of this post, all this cooking has me thinking … Pickles.
If I were to ask right now for a pickle, you would most likely hand me a pickled cucumber. The brand doesn’t so much matter, I’m only concerned with the cucumber aspect of it.
So what’s with that? When you can pickle eggs, beets, ham, peppers and peaches among others, why should the cucumber be so special. What if I wanted to call a pickled egg a pickle? If I asked for a pickle then I’d still get a cucumber.
It’s just something I’ve been wondering for awhile and haven’t found a good enough answer for. Hmm, come to think of it. no one has bothered to give an answer period. Alright, How about you? Any of you wonderful readers out there have an answer for me? I’ll take creative answers too, and give points for the most creative.
Come now, surely you’ve wondered this too? No? Are you saying I just have too much time on my hands then?
P.S. Georgy just walked in and asked if I made happiness. Hee hee hee.