What I remember most vividly are the bats and the sound of their screaching. I don’t believe real bats sound like that, but It was a pretty awesome sound nevertheless. Big black icky bats that hinted of ghosts and witches and honted houses. I always wanted one as a pet.
These bats however were of a slightly different nature. These bats were part of a plan to catch the very man himself … the Caped Crusader and his ward, the boy wonder! Wonderful though he is however, I am not referring to Adam West, but to the dynamic duo that once met up with four kids and their talking great dane.
One of my favorite cartoon characters of all time, Scooby doo had all the elements I yearn for in cartoons today.
I should state here that the original Scooby Doo along with a lot of things I love are way before my time, but I am just that kinda gal.
Scooby had the awesome chace music, sound effects to accompany almost every action, and of course, trademark voices. Whatever happened to those cartoon voices that everyone was sure to recognize like Bugs Bunny, Yogie Bear, and Mickey Mouse? It’s like the voice actors aren’t having any fun with their rols. Remember Jimmy Stewert? Why don’t actors have voices like that anymore?
And what’s up with the sound effects anymore? Why are we trying to make sound effects realistic now? They used to be fun, but now cartoons are just like watching any other show on TV … only animated. You know who else tried to make all their music sound realistic? Video games. Why? Honestly I loved the 80s video game music.
One show that still has the classic musical humor,cartoony sound effects and recognizable cartoon voices is spongebob Squarepants. I think that’s why, despite what others say or how dumb some people think it is, I love the show. It’s also a very unique subject to right a cartoon about.
She had a point … I believe
Oh yeah, Scooby Doo.
My dad used to call me Scooby doo. To this day I can’t remember if it was because I liked the show so much, or if his calling me that was what got me in to the show in the first place. As I’m thinking about it now, Scooby was probably my first real introduction to mystery.
Remember way way back when I posted about how I lost all my ringtones? One of them I lost was the Scooby Doo theme song that I used for my alarm. Actually as you probably remember Scooby had multiple incarnations and some of them different theme songs. The one I was using was somehow the harder one to find, but this morning I finally found it! Now if only Verizon could fix Whatever problem they’re having that’s making it dificult for messages to come through.
I have missed waking up to Scooby in the morning.