Oh, why hello there.
I see you got my distress call–erm invitation.
Well come in come in, we don’t want you to stand outside getting bitten to death.
So glad you could make it; I was just getting everything set up.
Oh, this white stuff all over me? No, it’s not flour; I just got back from a play rehearsal and haven’t fully gotten out of my make up. Have a seat. Can I interest you in some refreshments?
I’m having a sprite and we have pizza pringles too. There were cookies, but … but … pancakes seemed like such a better idea. What? What do you mean those pancakes look like cookies gone wrong?
Where is everyone else? Oh, they’re around somewhere. That reminds me, it’s time for the dance party! Of course there’s enough room to dance; and we can hang the discoball right here.
What? You don’t think this looks like a discoball? Sure it does.
Of course it’s not really a soccerball. How silly you are.
I can offer you some pudding to snort if that will help your imagination.
What? You’re leaving? No please! Don’t go! Please come back, I promise the party will get better! Wait, at least take a pancake!