I want to take a ride.
I want to buckle myself in to a car, settle in and take a very long drive; destination anywhere.
Today was hot; very hot but windy. On my ride home from church today,I longed to go somewhere else. There is nothing wrong with here. it has not caused me any particular harm or annoyance; I just love the feeling of being in a car, going somewhere.
As a baby I wasn’t a particularly good sleeper according to She who must be obeyed, but I can’t recall any stories of being soothed to slumber by a car ride. I’ll have to ask.
The forward motion, the passing breeze from the open window,the close intimacy. it is my comfort, it is my escape, it is my adventure.
Now that I’m older,
I still don’t sleep well
… I can always fall asleep in the car.
I don’t care where, I want to get in a car
and go;
go far away;
somewhere that isn’t here.