My nail broke the otherday.

We’re not talking an oh my gosh stop the presses I’m a total diva and my stylish french manicure is ruined; I mean my nail somehow got torn and there will be painful exposed skin when it comes all the way off. ouch!

It’s most of the way off by now but there is still a tiny strip of nail that hasn’t yet ripped. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m trying to hang on a few more days so it can grow out a little.

because this works everytime
Ok, so really it never does, but a girl can dream can’t she?
Really, if it were just the end of a very long nail taring, I’d just clip and file. But this … this is going to hurt for a week at least. I have tried both tape and bandades, but neither works except to keep me playing with the mostly torn off nail. Either way the pendulum swings, I will be near useless for clay sculpting, combined cat scratching and computer typing, two handed back scratching, and easily restarting certain electronic devices with impossibly tiny restart buttons

So right now, I am conflicted.
Have you ever forgotten to eat? I know quite a few people who have openly admitted that they occasionally forget to eat. Not that they have any kind of eating disorder, just that it slips the mind when one is otherwise occupied. I myself forget to eat every so often, but this is something we try not to let certain persons know.
I think it’s sort of the difference of walking to a cafateria or downstairs to your parents’ kitchen/dining room, and remembering to go make or order the food yourself. in anycase, I sort of remembered that noon might be a good time to make with the eating, but I didn’t actually get anything in me till almost 3. What was I doing? Hmm yeah, nothing earth shattering.
Here’s the sad part; several hours later, I am thinking I feel hungry again. Only I am disappointed because I already had lunch and dinner.
Warning, delayed eating may interfere with your thinking
So of course now I should think about how late I actually want to put more food in my stomach. I think sometime before midnight aught to be good right?

And now:
For those of you who read this and thought to yourself “that sounds like me” or “I do that all the time,” you are all crazy! just crazy! Now look around . . . and enjoy the company.