Somewhere between second and third grade we moved to a different school building.
I must have been at least eight at the time. I was nowhere near as awear of the world as kids seem to be now so I have no idea why this happened. It just did.
I remember the teachers got us all excited about seeing the new school and kept talking about how we were going to have a kind of parade and go see it. Yes that’s right, once I actually did walk at least a mile to school.
It was supposed to be fun.
It was supposed to be exciting.
It was supposed to be a nice sunny day.
I think we must have walked the whole morning and I am trying to remember now, but I think we must have had lunch when we got to the new building. The one thing I do remember clearly is that we somehow had enough energy to play on the playground after that long walk. It was such a long walk. I remember there was a banner, but I don’t think I ever got to help hold it up. I remember being very tired and wondering and probably asking too how much further it was. And it was cold.
It was cold and windy and there was no sun to be seen. I remember complaining about that too. The one thing I clearly remember from that trip … was to never trust the weatherman ever!