Sometimes, when I can’t find anything else to read, I reread books.
Usually there’s several months to a year before I have to resort to this, but I have on ocasion gone through at least half the books I had borrowed for the second time before She who must be obeyed was able to take me to the library again. And for those of you thinking I should have checked out more books, I think upwards of 10 12 books is plenty for 3 weeks.
All that to say however, I am about to finish another book in the
Special Agiant Pendergast
series. I’ve read it before of course, but there is something in the timeline of events I know happened but can’t remember how it connects. So I thought It’d be fun to go over it again. Besides which, I don’t know if they’ve come out with book 11 yet, but I am waiting for the audio so I’ll be Pendergastless for awhile.
where I talked about How not all of the books had the same reader? Well this one didd. That was another part of why I wanted to read it again; just so I wouldn’t have someone elses voice in my head for Agiant Pendergast.
Remember Mr.
He’s the reader I love. He is also
this guy
On Boston Legal.
Remember that show? I used to watch it with my family all the time.
I found it on Hulu and have been watching it again. It’s kind of strange to fall asleep listening to him reading, and then watch him as a living moving actor.
I think actually I was watching the show before I ever heard of Preston and Child, but even so it took me a while to make the connection.