The Cicilians I mean.
But this post isn’t really about Cicilians exactly.
This is just to say … that although I have not eaten any plums, the post I was originally going to put up to day will have to be posted tomorrow or sunday.
I am off now for grand and whild adventures
Here now, read and enjoy. It is one of my more family friendly stories.

Making pizza

She wanted to help.
I said no;
mama said she could.
I look at our pizza: crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, good.
Lucy’s back now.
“Time to cook?”
I nod.
“Smells good, Lucy?”
She giggles.
“I make fluffy crust.”
“That’s nice.”

Something smells funny, then I see the empty marshmallow bag.
Lucy beems. “Fluffy!”