Oh good, you’re here.
We can start now.
Be sure to grab your popcorn and or candy and and drinks; we’re going to the movies!

Actually I’m going to tell you about certain movies that bug me. Sorry, the only images here will be the ones in your head. Oh, but you can still have your popcorn.

Books in to movies.
Lots of times it’s a great idea. Some books are really fun to watch transfered to the silver screen — is that a literal discription? is it still silver?
Anyway, There are even some books I’ve read that I want someone to make a movie of but I know they probably won’t.
I do however have a major problem when the movie is significantly changed from the book. I understand not everything can be transfered exactly from a literary medium to a visual medium, but some things can stay the same and honestly … they should.
Have you seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? I have not. In fact, I refused.
I’ve read the books. I loved the books. In the books …
is brittish.
I am told She is a New Yorker in the movie. Honestly, I don’t care who it apeals to, it completely changes the feel of the story! And if they ever do a sequel, where is she supposed to go for her amazing shopping adventure? She was supposed to go to New York!

This is one of the more dramatic changes I have seen movies make, but I think this one I was the most annoyed with.
is another book I read and loved. I actually wasn’t as terribly freaked out by the movie as I was by the book. They had nearly everything right,but they added a character. I didn’t hate the movie as a result, but I couldn’t appreciate it and still like the book much better. I also think they somehow changed coraline’s character a bit and that didn’t really work for me either.
Sometimes movie previews have inspired me to go read the book before seeing the movie itself. For example the
Winn Dixiemovie that came out a number of years ago; although I never actually got around to watching the movie.
And lest you think I am one of those annoying movie goers who will sit and complain/criticize through out the whole movie, I am not. I will usually wait until someone asks/encourages me before I will start spewing. Otherwise I will just keep my feelings to myself, where they patiently wait for an opertunity to be engaged.
Wait, don’t leave yet, I’m not as bad as you think. Besides which, you couldn’t possibly be done with your popcorn yet.

There are some books whose movie adaptations I can appreciate. For example,
The Lovely Bones.
That was actually somewhat of an accidentle read, and one I almost didn’t finish. At the time I read it, I had heard that someone had contacted the author about making a movie and I was curious to see how it would come together. By the time the movie finally did come out, I had been distracted by other things, but I still wanted to see it.
Actually the movie takes out lots that is covered in the book, but most of what they left out were minor plot points. Also I do understand it would’ve been way too much to fit in to one movie. Overall I really loved how they put it together. I think it captured the same kind of atmosphere I felt when I read the book.
Another book to movie I really appreciated was Holes. That one I think they did a great job with; largely because they stuck so close to the
If I thought the book was good, I am sure to think the movie is good provided this is the case
In short, I love movies from books, as long as they don’t stray too far, and if they do, they’d better have a good reason!

Now hurry up and finish your popcorn so I can sweep up.