I am not a morning person.
Somehow, this would be news to some people. People, and I don’t just mean anonimous robot people, but actual real people who know me personally seem to like to call me early in the morning. Perhaps it is because I wake relatively well.
Now I realize many people’s days start much earlier than mine and maybe they’re fine with getting calls at 8 in the morning, butI’m not. even when I’m awake already, having my phone ring that early is just jarring.
But as I said, I tend to wake up well, so it’s not as if anyone would notice. I am not really grouchy in the morning or short tempered. If anything I am quiet and sleepy. Keep in mind that as hard as I try, I can almost never get to sleep before midnight. In college, when I had class at 8 in the morning, I sometimes took notes just so I could stay awake. Ahh the joys of a small campus; where one could slither out of bed and in to class with out really being woken up on the way there.
Funny thing though, more often than not if I know I have to be awake, I can appear as though I’ve been up for hours. Now, if you’re thinking that I’m the kind of person whom you would want to hit in the morning, I don’t mean that I am all peppy happy let’s have a dance party spunk, I just mean that I am alert and fully functioning. But if I don’t have to be awake or on my way somewhere at 8 in the morning, I like to just lay in bed and appreciate the day.
I love to wake up in the morning and see the morning light coming through my window and hear the birds and squirrels outside. This way, there is nothing influencing my mood. I can feel however I want to and unless I am waking up from a disturbing dream, it is usually pleasant.
But I hate hate hate noise.
Sure, probably everyone who is unlucky enough hates the garbage truck or the lon mower cutting them out of dream world, but there are certain things I really hate to wake up to that are right inside with me.
I do not like to wake up to the TV. It really doesn’t matter what show or movie it is. If I am sleeping in my room with the door closed, I should not be able to hear what you are watching when I wake up. Watching TV in the morning doesn’t bother me, just waking up to it does.
Yes actually, I hate waking up to music unless it is live. Classical music is sometimes ok, but does anyone play classical music in the morning? No, people seem to want to either play upbeat let’s get in a good mood music, or something so called inspirational. Oddly, this almost always puts me in a bad mood when I wake up to it.
Just Trust me, I will be in a much better mood if you aren’t trying to force one on me.
Basically, I just like my mornings quiet and kind of peaceful.