Yesterday was bad.
Today has not gotten terribly better, but it is somewhat. It didn’t get terribly hot yesterday, but I was not feeling well and the heat was just enough to make me really feel it.
There is some nice wind today.
I am not ready for it to be August yet. I feel like there is so much I haven’t done yet that I likely wouldn’t do even if I had the summer to do over.

I am here today;
Picture it,The air is hot; hot and bright but clear.
There are trees, but not many. They stand tall in their puddles of cool shade, holding their leafy fingers to the blue.
Green grass; green as far as the eye can see until it appears to meet the sky.
Cooler grass, fine tendrels of silky coolness, slipping between your toes and tickling your heels.
The sun sparkles on the dancing water of the pond. The dancing rippling evidence of the cool stone once pressed in to your palm.