I’m never sure how unique somethings are to me, or whether they are relatively common.
I seem to have a form of Synesthesia, which in my case means I see numbers, letters, days and months in color. Not just any colors either; they all have their own special colors that I have always seen them in. I am inclined to blame Sesame Street for the numbers and letters, but that’s besides the point.
For the longest time, whenever I’d try to explain this to anyone, they would either think it weird, be confused or fascinated. So you can see why for so long I thought It was just me.
From what I read it doesn’t sound terribly rare, but it comes in different forms. Usually I like my uniqueness in most cases, but finding out that more people have this in some form is a little easier on my mind; if only because I really can’t fathom what other people see when they think numbers or letters.

In my mind, August is always gray; a kind of soft medium gray. Everything in it is very slightly hazy.
It’s as if the sun has left a glair on my mind’s eye, leaving all colors slightly washed out and pasteled.
an old memory?
the heat.