There is one particular bead that puzzles me.
It is very smooth and round and cloudy. It’s always there … rolling just in the corner of my mind’s eye.
It’s origins are as cloudy as it’s insides. Someday I must ask She who must be obeyed. I think it is a memory, as I have no recollections of such a story being told to me. But as I see it, here it is.

It is bright.
There are many people all around me, but they are all talking to one another.
I am on the floor. The couches seem huge, but I am paying more attention to what is in front of me.
I do not recall colors, only lights and darks. He is light-colored, with ears. I remember distinktive ears. I am small. Small enough to be near eye level with him. He barks at me. I think I must have barked back. And then again … and again. Someone may have remarked on this, but the further I get from this moment, the more unclear the words become.
Sometimes I think there weren’t as many people as I thought at the time. Sometimes I can remember a low table, or the carpet being a dark color. Mostly … I remember the dog.

What I can tell you now: When I was tiny, we had a chihuahua.
He was very jealous of the new baby–me.
and was given away
before I was a year.