SoGeorgy was off work yesterday.
Heather doesn’t work usually till later on in the day so she was home for most of the day as well. And then today they were both home untill about noonish, or a little after. Wow.
They work sort of funny schedules and the only day so far that all of us are home is Sunday and we’re usually at separate churches in the morning and the past few Sundays they have been out and about afterward.
So I have had a lot of Georgy and Heather for the last two days. Sigh.
Not a bad thing, I just am not used to it. I think it distracts me a little. I don’t think I could actually live alone — not for awhile yet –but I do need my alone time and since I share a room …
In short, Nothing much to say tonight, but never fear, I have been gathering the beads.