It is still raining here.
I should say that it rained again; as it did stop at some point yesterday. It has not made me so sad as yesterday, rather it feels playful today.
In the moments before it falls, I sit wondering. How to describe the smell of just before the rain?
To me, it is a tangy swollen sort of smell. Wet, but do I say wet because I know there will be water, or does it truly smell wet?
The smell sharpens somehow. It is different than sea air, but the sharper smell brings the sea to mind. Then asweep of wind, and a dozen rain drops fly through my window
to kiss my cheeks.

When I was little, I used to fill ziplock bags with water and suck on the corners. It wasn’t to try and suck the water out, but because I liked the feel and taste of the water filled bag in my mouth.
That’s how I’ve always thought a raincloud might taste if I could ever bite one.