I just adore when my roommate leaves our door open in the morning.
I know I’ve told her I don’t like sleeping with the door open; perhaps I wasn’t really clear. I hate sleeping with the door open, and I especially hate waking up to its being open when it was closed the night before. Sigh.
This past Monday, I was on the verge of finishing a book that had me quite in its grips, when I remembered I hadn’t blogged anything yet. So I was like finish the book, then blog. No blog now because you’re not quite at the end.
And on and on. I did post of course, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read something and been that in to it. Mostly I think because I sometimes read so much at one time that stories and plots become numb and I need to take a break and do something nonbook related. I must have checked out almost 20 books over the course of last week and I’ve finished them all. Yeah, sometimes I really am that bad.
They’ve all been pretty good; some newer to me and some old friends from different series I love. Currently I’m reading one about ghosts and so far I’m loving it! I haven’t encountered such delicious prose in quite some time.
Sigh, yum.
I can’t remember when it’s rained for so many days at a time, but it rained again last night. It was mostly distant thunder for awhile, but then it started raining harder and harder and lasted nearly all night.
This time the rain was … comforting. I don’t know that I can say why, but sometimes it is. I feel sort of cocooned.
Well, here’s hoping Summer comes back soon because as far as I’m concerned, I am not done with it.