No rain today, but it still feels rainy.
It was cold too. I think the sun did come out, but I’ve had my little blue blanket with me nearly all day. It was nice for curling up with all my books, but I’m still not ready to let go of summer.
I have been looking up cheeses–among other things. I’ve always really wanted to attend a cheese tasting, but I have no idea how to go about finding such things. I. Love. Cheese! I think it makes for fun names too. I mean how cute is Cheddar for a little mouse? Yes, cliche, but still cute.
Anyway, I think I would like to become a connoisseur of cheeses.
Something else I was looking up … jerky. I knew there were different kinds of jerky and I’ve been wanting to try moose jerky, but crocodile and buffalo jerky? And I’m pretty sure they don’t mean buffalo like buffalo wings. A lot of the jerkies seem pretty versatile too; as in they can be all manner of spicified. I need to just go to a camping store or something and stalk up on jerky. Not quite sure how to fix the cheese thing, but all in good time.
And that ladies and gentlemen has been my day; along with being lost in the world of many fictions.