The panther and I have been playing.
Panther is one of those very intelegent cats that needmore than your average cat to keep their minds stimulated. And because they usually don’t get it, they are easily bored and these cats are the real trouble makers. Oh, I think all cats are smarter than is probably good for them, but some cats …
So today I fashioned a toy for the Panther out of pipe cleaners and bounced it around for him to pounce on. He loves it. When he gets hold of the little circle at the end of the pipe cleaner line, he won’t let go until I tell him he’s won, hee hee.
Sometimes I think pet toys are too elaborate. Not all of them of course, some are just fine, but Most cats seem quite content with toys that can easily be fashioned out of household items. I feel this way about some kids toys too.
Does anyone remember the ribbon dancer? I always wanted one, but She who must be obeyed wouldn’t buy it for me. Instead, she took a look at the comercial,tied a very long ribbon to a stick and put some glitter on it. I … was a happy child. The thought of it makes me laugh now. Hurray for resourceful parents!
I think even if at the time I had been unhappy with the makeshift toy, it still makes a great story now I’m older and can appreciate How tiresome children can get.