Because I woke up with a pounding headache and my thoughts all scrambled away to find their own personal happy places.
So let’s see, first order of business:
Dear universe,
some things I will be needing in the next little while:
a place where I can download as many audio books as I can read even if I have to pay a membership fea,
a place to then hold all those books –I promise I will not be excessive,
a program or a place online that will happily let me catalogue all the books I read with no charge.
Please and thank you, with much love and hopefulness,

You know how macs have all those cool computer voices you can play with? Yeah well, I do not own a mac. I know a few people who do, but I’m not sure a mac would work for my purposes. In anycase, I’ve been playing around with some computer voices and trying to see just how much I can change them.
I have this pronounciation dictionary on my computer, so now I can almost make the voice say things exactly how I want it to. I’m working on giving it an accent, but it’s proving harder than you might think. It’s the vowels mostly.
The voice is one with an american accent and thus drags out its long vowels and almost making them two combined sounds. Try it some time. Recite your vowels and see if you can detect that there are really two sounds.
Haha, ok sorry, but back to the voice, giving it an accent is not easy. But I am Lyrikh! breaker of hairbrushes, and player of the lute! I shall prevail!
And now, I am off to go buy stock in jellybeans