We have a house guest!
Well, we’ve had them before, but usually they’re friends who need a place to crash for a night or two. This time it is someone new–no, not a complete stranger. Georgy’s coworker.
I haven’t officially met her yet, nore have I really talked to her. Heather seems to have that covered.
Sometimes people just over whelm me. Being in a small apartment doesn’t really help either.I think I would be ok if I had been already sitting out on the couch when she got here, but I was in my room reading and going out to say hi felt awkward. Or maybe it’s because I’m not going to get a proper introduction. I feel like if I were to go out and say Heather and house guest–who shall henceforth be called HG–would just stair at me like I had come in asking for DNA samples.
This is probably why some people think I’m antisocial, even though it’s mostly their fault. Ah well, I will squeeze myself in to some conversation at some point before she leaves us. HG is here for a week. From what I’ve overheard, she seems pretty cool.