Returned have I to the land of blog.
Well, HG is gone, my friend is back home several states away, and I still feel gypped of summer. It’s also been raining a bit again, but it’s been sad bla rain.
A bit of curiousness here; I’m pretty sure HG must have taken my leftovers from Sunday when she left, and somehow I get the feeling Heather doesn’t much like her. She claims otherwise,but I think we all know how much louder actions speak than words. Honestly I liked her fine though. I have no idea, I am just not involved.I don’t entirely exist here if you’ll remember.
I got to go to the library the otherday and pick up some actual books! Of course, this might have been more exciting if the library in question had had more than three books for each of the authors I wanted. And even then the books they did have I had mostly read already. Perhaps I do read too much. But the library did redeem itself some by having a four-week check out period, yeee!
So I checked out three books, but then all the books I had on hold started coming in and since I would have those for a shorter time, I decided to read those first.
Have you ever read a book that needed to end long before it actually did?
One of my books was like that. I honestly should’ve guessed it from the slow and repetetive start it had, but I tried to give it a fair chance. As it turned out, I didn’t even like the ending, though I suppose the way the story went it didn’t have much choice.
So now I’m back to two others and series that I know well. Oh, not at the same time of course.