First, a note here;
I have given Georgy up for insane. She wants winter! She keeps going on and on about how she wants winter and how she hates summer. So of course, when it is frosty cold in the dead of winter and Snow is keeping everyone from leaving their houses and she can’t wear her cute clothes because no one will see them, If I once hear her complain, I will beat her!

You are home, hungry, there is food in the house but you are at a los for what to make. Do I have a solution for you. Just stick here, and I shall teach you things.
First, gather a few things together Whatever’s etible and seems a good mix. I know what you’re thinking, Stop thinking it and just keep reading.
If you like, throw in some spices and then you’re ready to cook it all up.
If you are unfamiliar with cooking on whim, Just scramble everything around with a spatula until the smoke detector goes off. If your foodd turns black or if you collapse from smoke inhalation instead, you should make sure to change your smoke alarm as soon as you regain consciousness.
Eat, enjoy, live another day. Please make sure your smoke detector is in good working order.