I hate sleaves.
This is rather unfortunate since I also get cold very easily. I am probably in the wrong state, but oh well. I am here now and I don’t plan on moving.
If I must have sleeves, I like them baggy and slightly too long. I couldn’t actually say why this is, but it is. I’m not a fan of tight clothes either, and I even have somewhat of a problem with just well-fitted clothes. You can imagine how She who must be obeyed feels about that.
Also when I am cold I like to pull myself in close. You would think long sleeves would help with this, but even when I am sitting somewhere cold and I’ve got a jacket or a sweater on, I will pull my arms out of their sleeves and fold them in close to my body. I think I just like to be curled up inside of things and somehow having sleeves or long pants separates me from myself.
Is that strange?