I have a new love!
No, it’s not a guy — or, not exactly. And those of you who’ve been here for awhile, it’s not a fictional character either.
You know when you find a song and it may or may not be by your favorite artest/composer, and it may or may not have great lyrics, but you fall absolutely in love with the melody? There are many songs I love, but not too many that I really really fall in love with.
For me these are usually slower songs with out words. The three that immediately leap to mind are Clair De Lune, Pictures at an exhibition, and of course, my new love.
It’s a Scottish song and I think it has the most absolutely gorgeous melody. It’s also surprisingly easy to play on my lute, so I’ve learned how to play it as well.
Oh, and about that “not exactly,” … the song is sung by none other than Luke Kelly, who could sing to me with his wonderful Irish accent anytime.