Sometimes random things that happen through out the day amuse me, and I keep them like little treasures for a sadder day.
Here’s today.

Georgy on being told it was national talk like a pirate day, “Arrr!”

After a package was delivered for Heather that she was not home to recieve: Georgy, “We can be like detectives again.”
Me, “What do you think it is?”
Georgy (texting to Heather), “Can we open it?”
Me, “That little thing came in that big box?”
Georgy, “Why would there be electronic features on just a case?”

A friend, on Giving birth, “I’m sorry, it’s just not that quick.”
At which point an imaginary birthing competition was invented with separate devisions for preemies and multiples, and all hope for sanity was lost. If only he had a clue of what he started.

Georgy to Panther, “No, you are not allowed to eat this box. This is not food. This box is yucky … yuc-ky.”

Heather, after coming home and seeing me, “First, I want to know why she’s on her head.”

Hahaha! Yes, I was.