I suppose cliches are cliches for a reason.
So you know that saying about not knowing or appreciating what you have until it’s gone? Well it has come to be that we have no flour.
a moment of silence for this misfortune
Ok, so maybe it isn’t that big of a deal to most people; it certainly isn’t that much of one to Heather and Georgy, but I can not make anything with out flour!
I mean sure there are some things, but nothing I’m exactly interested in making. I’ve even tried looking for substitutes … Yeah, if you don’t have something while you’re cooking, It is more of an inconvenience to try to substitute it than to run out to the store. For example, replacement for egg whites: dried or frozen egg whites. I’m really not sure what your kitchen looks like, but I do not keep dried and or frozen egg parts in case I run out of real eggs. And if I already have egg substitutes, it’s probably because I do not use eggs in the first place.
So of course the suggested replacement for flour was other kinds of flour
do I even need to comment?
I mean that’s all good and fine if you have multiple kinds of flour in your house, but usually we just have one.
So I am with out flour or a reasonable substitute, and I can’t make bread! or cake, cookies, brownies,fondant, pizza, pie … you get the idea.
Strangely … all things I am craving. Go figure.