On tonight’s episode of cooking with Lyrikh, How not to die in the kitchen
If you hadn’t guessed by now, it usually happens something like this. The roomies take off for the night, or one of them is working and the other makes plans to go out, and I am left at home to let my creativity run whild. Sometimes nothing much happens and I just eat whatever there is in the fridge, but sometimes I get … ideas. Tonight I made chicken.
When making breaded chicken chunks as I did, it is important to cut the pieces small enough to be actually bite-sized. Also look out for fat; It is nasty, and as with slime it will take over the world!
Sorry … where was I?
Oh yes, So now go ahead and maranade and bread your chicken. If you can get all the bread crums to stay on, then this is the easy part.
Ready for the hard part? The part where I almost died? The part where I’m really going to teach you kitchen survival skills?
Step 1. drop chicken pieces in to hot oil
Step 2.

RUN! RUN!RUN! Run like heck as fast as your legs will carry you!

Step 3. now come back and flip the chicken before it burns and you set the smoke alarm off.
And, if you haven’t lost anything vital, remove from heat and enjoy!
No no, on a plate silly.