Would I be a terrible, horrible aweful aweful person if I killed heather’s bird?
Don’t worry, he is for the moment still alive and healthy –though, he may get a cold from all the squirting he’s getting.
So almost all day yesterday and today I’ve been watching youtube clips from NBC’s the Singoff. I did see the first two episodes–no, don’t worry I am not about to critique it here–but there were a few groups that I just really loved. Of course, because I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t really know all of the songs the groups choose so I’ve been looking up the original songs as well. Now I am feeling enspired to take up my trusty lute and learn some more popular songs. The current party fave is Backstreet’s Back.
No, you didn’t think that could be played on a lute, did you?
I’m thinking of doing some 1950s too. I already know a few and since mostly the chords are the same for those songs, it shouldn’t be a problem. The more popular current songs might be a little hard, but don’t you worry, I will find a way!