I am cold and it finally feels like autum.
My window is still open though so I’m not actually complaining because well, of course. hee hee
Things that have contributed to make my busy weekend ever so lovely!

  1. not having a working phone for anyone to reach me
  2. attending several events for which I needed to be reached
  3. having to sit through a lengthy meeting with an obnoxious man who thought he was funny
  4. having a small cold that decided to settle in to my ears
  5. not being able to get on here to post yesterday
  6. having a killer headache all weekend

All this, and I was not feeling my best to begin with. So I had to take a break. I was maybe a little trigger happy, and might have gotten a bit overly frustrated with a few of my friends.
I’m back now, not entirely ok, but I’m workin’ on it. I really hope your weekends were better.