Last weekend,as I was trying to find things to bring up my mood, I found a show I hadn’t seen in years.
I had seen the show maybe once or twice in my life and had always wanted to watch it, but I didn’t have the channel at the time. So I found it online and had been watching it happily. It was all good and fine and lovely, until I hit the second season.
Have you ever watched a cartoon where the main character has a pretty distinct voice, and then they change it? Not only did they change a character’s voice, but in the second season they changed all but 2 of the main characters’ voices.
It annoys me, not only because I’ve gotten used to the original voices, but also because it’s not like they even try to match the original voices. Sometimes the new voice changes the whole feel of the character. It would be like if they changed the voice of Spongebob. I mean Tom Kenny just is Spongebob. And seriously, voices like EG Daily, how do you change that and think no one will notice? So sadly, I am just left with the first season.